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November 27, 2007




I'm listening to your missional church lecture now.

I didn't even consider the mustard seed parable in that way before. Actually, I haven't even noticed it! Noticing and considering are the same, right?

I'm curious as to how I interpreted that passage of the birds making their nests upon the tree prior to a missional understanding of it.

Also, do you think the missional perspective of scripture and ecclesiology could simply be a dispensational movement?

What will be the main thrust of the way of Jesus 150 years down the line? What if missional theology and living become, say, a flaccid term much like "personal salvation" has become today?


oops... I meant to say, "noticing and considering AREN'T the same, right?"

Shawn Coons


I think we agree in principle. I like your basketball analogy. Once the denomination turns into the Globetrotters, then by all means it should pass. I just don't think we are there yet.

In this past year my sense of call, idea of church and approach to ministry have all changed dramatically because of the people , conferences and organizations that I am connected with through the PC(USA).

I have formed relationships with all sorts of different people this year because of my dual citizenship in the emerging conversation and the PC(USA). For all of our flaws, I believe that God has called the people of the PC(USA) together as a distinct part of the body of Christ. Not the best part, or the only part, but a valuable part. And I also think there is a distinction between the people of the PC(USA) and the institution.

There is a lot about the institution I'd like to see die or change. But if the whole structure and system of the PC(USA) were to crumble today, many people, myself included, would lose a connection with all sorts of Christians across the country.


thanks Shawn! Preach it. I have been thinking sense I posted this that we need to articulate (o i need to read the articulations already out there) a way for presbymergent to be an imaginative think tank of hope, courage, generosity, and compassion for the relationships (and relational wisdom) that are convened as pc(usa). you said it well- testimony!


Dan: you asked: do you think the missional perspective of scripture and ecclesiology could simply be a dispensational movement?

I'm not sure i get the question? If you mean that missiology and a formula like the newbigin triad become the measure of success, then yes it can be. But if our response to the changes in Christendom learn from missionary encounters and missional experience, then I think it continue to morph/transform/respond. Disponsationalism risks modalism, where God is portrayed as responding differently over history- I don't think that the image of Jesus grafting us into the covenant community is necessarily the same thing. YHWH continues to form community in promise, and Jesus extends it in particular ways, but the Spirit continues to be the missional source of imagination and hope... not to mention that Jesus was living/validating the poetic visions given to OT prophets- expanding and continuing them, not tearing them down...

Maybe you can flesh out your question more and I'll do some thinking on that.

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