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I dream of a world where my daughter can participate more deeply in god's dreams with your children and friends.


I write music, live in the city of Atlanta, and share a house with seven other adults including my always-surprising wife of eight years, who creates new language/speech possibilities for innercity youth and Art books/cards for the rest of us. I write run-on sentences. I love my daughter with laughter, confusion, and the deepest of passion for life. All of these are gifts from a universe being painted by a Creator who loves selflessly and with reckless generosity and freedom- who became flesh that we might taste, see, have, and stumble into life. I have found a deep sense of hope through people i live near and through relationships in the emerging church, a generative friendship happening all over places that once enjoyed the privilege of being the center of Christendom. I speak at conferences, write music, author books and articles, and I read theology, poetry, and other less precise sundries.


"My favorite color is green, except when its blue"- a quote by my daughter, Eve.